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Thanks to everybody for a great Minor League season. We hope to see you again next year.

Please be aware that Fall Baseball is beginning in September. Click on “Fall Baseball Registration” for information on how to register your child.

This page is all Minor League all the time.  Check this page for the Minor League Standings, and any other announcements that may be made in regards to the DICK'S Sporting Goods Minor League.

The Minor League once again in 2020 is Presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods.  DICK'S Sporting Goods has been the official sponsor of the Minor League since 2013.  All Minor Leaguers will sport a DICK'S Sporting Goods logo on the back of their jersey once again this year.  All Greenville Little League players will also receive special offers on baseball equipment and apparel from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

2020 Minor League Standings (FINAL)





















Thursday, August 6
Twins 4    Orioles 3    FINAL

Wednesday, August 5
Dodgers 12    Rays 11    FINAL

Tuesday, August 4
Orioles 18    Dodgers 16    FINAL

Monday, August 3
Rays vs. Twins    CANCELLED/RAIN

Friday, July 31
Rays 25    Orioles 20    FINAL

Thursday, July 30
Twins 21    Dodgers 11   FINAL

Wednesday, July 29
Orioles 13  Twins 12  FINAL / 7 innings

Tuesday, July 28
Rays 20     Dodgers 7    FINAL

Monday, July 27
Orioles 15    Dodgers 12    FINAL

Friday, July 24
Rays 17    Dodgers 12    FINAL

Thursday, July 23
Orioles 18    Rays 6    FINAL

Wednesday, July 22
Twins 26    Dodgers 15    FINAL

Tuesday, July 21
Twins 21    Orioles 10    FINAL

Monday, July 20
Twins 14    Rays 8    FINAL

Friday, July 17
Rays 11    Dodgers 9    FINAL

Thursday, July 16
Dodgers 24    Orioles 16    FINAL

Wednesday, July 15
Twins 17    Dodgers 5    FINAL

Tuesday, July 14

Rays 11    Orioles 10    FINAL / 8 INNINGS

Monday, July 13
Twins 21    Rays 8    FINAL

Friday, July 10
Orioles 25  Dodgers 9     FINAL

Thursday, July 9
Twins 15    Dodgers 7    FINAL

Wednesday, July 8
Orioles 12   Rays 11    FINAL

Tuesday, July 7

Twins 22   Rays 11     FINAL

Monday, July 6
Twins 18   Orioles 10    FINAL

Click below to see the 2020 Minor League Schedule

2020 Dick's Sporting Goods Minor League Schedule



  1. All teams must bat their full roster.  There is no penalty for playing short.  Players arriving after the game has begun must be placed at the end of the batting order.
  2. Five runs or three outs will constitute ½ inning.
  3. A team must start and finish with at least 7 players.
  4. There will be no catcher.  The defensive team should station a coach behind home plate near the backstop but in most cases it should be expected that the pitcher will have to cover home.
  5. Each batter will get 5 pitches.  If the umpire deems a pitch to be unhittable then it will not count towards the 5 pitch count.  If the fifth pitch or any subsequent pitch is fouled off then the batter may continue to hit until the ball is put in play.  Strikes (swinging or called) will not be called.  Hit batters will be allowed to go to first, provided he/she tried to get out of the way (normal baseball rule).
  6. The speed of the machine will be set at the beginning of the game and should remain constant throughout the game.  An offensive team coach shall be responsible for feeding balls into the machine.
  7. The machine will be set approximately 8-10 feet in front of the mound on a level surface.
  8. A batted ball striking the net in front of the machine, will remain alive and be treated the same as if it hit a defensive player. A ball hitting the net in front of the machine will be considered a fair ball even if it rebounds into foul territory.   A batted ball hitting the machine or the person feeding the machine will result in a dead ball, one base award for the batter, and a one base award for any base runners forced to advance.
  9. Any thrown ball striking the machine or the person feeding the machine will be declared dead and the runners will be awarded bases as if the ball was thrown into a dead area.
  10. The pitcher must be positioned behind an imaginary line between first and third base.
  11. No stealing or advancing on wild pitches/ passed balls.  Any runner who leaves before the ball has reached the batter early or attempts to steal will be penalized according to the Little League rule for a runner leaving early.
  12. The umpire shall call “time” when the play is over and the play has reached a natural conclusion
  13. The game length is six innings or may be declared official after three innings have been played if inclement weather or darkness intervenes.  A tie game may continue until a winner is determined.
  14. The above rules are modifications to the Little League Baseball rules.  Anything not covered above is covered in the Little League Baseball rule book.
  15. Teams will be limited to a maximum of 3 warmup pitches each half inning.  If the machine is having issues the umpire has the authority to allow more but if in the umpire’s judgment the machine is throwing the ball properly there will be only a maximum of 3 warmups per inning.




  1. Only four coaches are permitted in the confines of the field, dugout, and bullpen areas.
  2. There is no on deck batters permitted.
  3. A runner is not permitted to slide head first into a base while advancing.  A runner may return to a base head first.
  4. Each player must play a minimum of two innings defensively.  Managers may freely substitute players in and out of the field (alternating two players and allowing them to each play every other inning is acceptable).

***Parents and Coaches please be reminded that on rainy days or days with inclement weather Greenville Little Leagues will try to get games in if at all possible.  If Greenville Little Leagues decides to postpone games there will be a notice put on the home page of this website.  We will also contact each manager who is involved with the postponement directly.  If you get a text or an e-mail from Greenville Recreation & Parks Department (GRPD) indicating their programs have been postponed (usually Greenie League games) this does not mean that Greenville Little Leagues games are postponed. Greenville Little Leagues is a separate organization from GRPD and Greenville Little Leagues makes the call on whether Greenville Little Leagues games will be played.  Thank You.***

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