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Mar, 2024


From the 19th thru the 23rd  of March we will be having scrimmages at Elm Street.  
Here are some things to know about the scrimmages.
1.  Players are NOT to be in uniform for the scrimmages,  Wearing their game caps is fine but they shouldn't be wearing their jerseys for these scrimmages.
2.  Substitution is free.  Line up cards are not required.
3.  Managers and Coaches WILL be allowed to be on field for coaching purposes.  Once we move in to the exhibition game portion of the preseason (264 Challenge and Commissioner's Challenge) regular season bench decorum rules will be in effect. ONLY 3 COACHES WILL BE ALLOWED ON FIELD AND/OR IN BULLPEN FOR SCRIMMAGES AND EXHIBITION GAMES.

4.  Pitch count should be monitored as it is in the regular season.  Managers are responsible for keeping up with this.
5.  Mound visits will not be counted.
6.  Score will not be kept.
7.  Scrimmages on Tuesday-Friday will have a 2 hour drop dead time limit.  
     Home team will have infield practice from 4:10-4:20 and the visitors will go from 4:20-4:30 for the early scrimmages during the           week.
     Home team will have infield practice from 6:40-6:50 and the visitors will go from 6:50-7:00 for the late scrimmages during the             week.
     The early scrimmages during the week will conclude at 6:30 and the late scrimmages during the week will conclude at 9:00.
8.  The Saturday scrimmages will have a 1 hour and 45 minute drop dead time limit.  There will be no infield practice before the Saturday scrimmages.  There is a 15 minute buffer time between scrimmages.  Teams who have finished should clear out and allow the next teams in as quickly as possible.

9.  If teams want to hit prior to the scrimmages they may use the cages at Elm Street.  Each team can have one cage.
Scrimmage Schedule (Home team listed first)  ALL SCRIMMAGES AT ELM STREET PARK.

Tuesday, March 19 - 4:30 - Coke vs. Optimist
Tuesday, March 19 - 7:00 - PE vs. Truist

Wednesday, March 20 - 4:30 -Overton's vs. Pepsi
Wednesday, March 20 - 7:00 - RE/MAX vs. CWD

Thursday, March 21 - 4:30 - C&C vs. Brown & Wood
Thursday, March 21 - 7:00 - EC Auto vs. Jarman

Friday, March 22 - 4:30 - Lions vs. Kiwanis
Friday, March 22 - 7:00 - Eastern Plumbing vs. EC Auto

Saturday, March 23 - 10:00 - EC Auto vs. C&C
Saturday, March 23 - 12:00 - Overton's vs. RE/MAX
Saturday, March 23 - 2:00 - Pepsi vs. Truist
Saturday, March 23 - 4:00 - PE vs. Optimist

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