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Sep, 2022


Check out some of the fall baseball rules. Most are designed to allow ALL players the opportunity to get a lot of reps during fall baseball. Take a second to read them to enhance your enjoyment of fall baseball.
Some of the special rules that have been implemented for fall baseball.
1. EACH TEAM’S BATTING ORDER WILL NOT CHANGE DURING THE SEASON AS EACH TEAM IS EXPECTED TO KEEP THE SAME ORDER SO THAT PLATE APPEARANCES STAY RELATIVELY EQUAL FOR ALL PLAYERS. ALL TEAM MEMBERS SHALL BE LISTED IN THE BATTING ORDER. IF A PLAYER MISSES A GAME HE/SHE IS SIMPLY SKIPPED. After each team’s first game GLL will produce each team’s lineup card and give it to the manager each day. For the first game of the season the manager is expected to bring a normal line up card. The leadoff hitter for each game will be the player who was on deck when the team’s previous game ended. Exception: If a runner is caught stealing or picked off to end a team's last offensive half inning then the batter who was up at the time gets to bat first next game (unless it's the last game of the season; if it's the last game of the season then the batter is out of luck 🙂
2. Each team is limited to 6 batters per inning.
3. Offensively, each team will start off each inning with runners on first and second. It should be the last two players in the lineup who are furthest from hitting.
4. Each team will be allowed 1 pinch runner per inning.
5. Games are 5 innings in length. If the home team is losing after 4 innings of play then the home team and visiting team will “switch roles” for the fifth inning and the home team will bat in what would be the top half of the fifth and the visitors (if tied or behind in the score) will bat in what would be the bottom of the fifth. REASONING BEHIND THIS: Generally speaking if a team is losing then they are rolling less hitters through the order. This allows an extra 3 outs for a losing team to have to get more hitters up to bat in a given game. Also as the season wears on at Perkins darkness is a factor for each teams last 4 or 5 games so we try to use our time as efficiently as possible.
6. Have a great time !!!

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